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The Consular Club consists of the spouses and partners of members of the Consular Corp and the spouses of Honorary Consuls in Ho Chi Minh City. The Club was established in 1994 with the principle objective of assisting less privileged and disadvantaged people in southern Vietnam.

Members from many countries meet on a regular basis to discuss fund raising events and to assess proposals that have been lodged by various community organisations for the funding of projects that will benefit local people.

The Consular Club focuses on three main areas of need: education, medical, and basic needs.Governed by a defined set of Guidelines, the Consular Club is stringent in the approval of funding of projects, ensuring that funds are appropriated in a transparent manner which will benefit the people in need.

The Consular Club has funded 24 projects including the building of bridges, the issuing of scholarships, the provision of computers for training blind people and the digging and installation of water wells in three schools, to provide clean, running water for the children.