About the Consular Club of Ho Chi Minh City

The Consular Club consists of the spouses and partners of members of the Consular Corp and the spouses of Honorary Consuls in Ho Chi Minh City. The Club was established in 1994 with the principle objective of assisting less privileged and disadvantaged people in southern Vietnam.

Members from many countries meet on a regular basis to discuss fund raising events and to assess proposals that have been lodged by various community organisations for the funding of projects that will benefit local people.

The Consular Club focuses on three main areas of need: education, medical, and basic needs.

Governed by a defined set of Guidelines, the Consular Club is stringent in the approval of funding of projects, ensuring that funds are appropriated in a transparent manner which will benefit the people in need.

To date in 2013, the Consular Club has funded 24 projects including the building of bridges, the issuing of scholarships, the provision of computers for training blind people and the digging and installation of water wells in three schools, to provide clean, running water for the children.

Awards / Recognition
Dak Nong Red Cross shows appreciation to the Consular Club for funding construction of three wells to provide bore water at schools in Cu-Jut, Dak Nong province.
San Francisco - Ho Chi Minh City Sister City Committee shows appreciation for the Consular Club's generous contribution to promote the screening & prevention against the Hepatitis B for 1,000 medical students of Hue University.
NamGioSang's (5a.m.) recognition of the Consular Club's sponsorship of the Hope Cup soccer tournament for 160 boys from 14 shelters to play in an annual top grade soccer competition in Ho Chi Minh City
Cho Ray Hospital appreciated the kindness of the Consular Club which donated fifteen specially designed reclining chairs for patients to lie on whilst receiving chemotherapy infusions.
Pacific Links letter of thanks to the Consular Club for funding 40 school scholarships and the purchase of 120 bicycles to enable girls to continue schooling.
The Bac Lieu community thanks the Consular Club for funding over two kilometers of concrete road replacing the old, dirt, and unusable road. Farmers can now get to market, and children to school.
The community of Da Bac appreciates the support of the Consular Club in providing a kitchen and dining area for children to ensure that they receive a nutritious meal.
Letter of Appreciation for Egg Incubators
Letter of Thanks for Funding the Purchase of Egg Incubators
Letter of Appreciation for the Funding of 10 Specialist Beds for the Delivery Ward
Letter of Thanks for Funding the Purchase of 30 Hospital Beds for the Wards of the Maternity Hospital
Office Bearers
Alesia Malchow
Vice President:
Molly Headley-Benkaci
Karen Gibbons
United Kingdom
Rita Julianti Jean Anes