Digging a Water Well for My Thanh Bac School

Story: My Thanh Bac 2 Primary School is located in Duc Hue, one of the poorest rural districts in the north of Long An Province. People in Duc Hue District are living in abject poverty with extremely low income. There are about 292 pupils who are studying in the school.
Problem: My Thanh Bac 2 school is dire need of a clean water source. Formerly, clean water is supplied to the school by a well located one kilometer away. Unfortunately, this water source was disconnected two years ago when the road was repaired and upgraded, but resulted in the water pipe system leading to the school being broken and unrepaired.
Solution: The Consular Club made a grant to enable the digging of a well to provide clean water for daily use at the school, especially in improving hygiene conditions for the children.