Friends For Street Children Association (FFSC) – Education support for deprived children in Hiep Binh Chanh Ward of HCMC

Story: The FFSC oversees “The Warm Shelter” and “The School”. The Warm Shelter provides a home for about 30 children from 2 to 18 years, who are unable to remain with their families due to extreme poverty, illness, death or imprisonment of a parent or abandonment of the child. The School provides healthcare and education to currently 380 children, who cannot access public school because they do not have stable home or residential papers.
Problem: The Warm Shelter is required to replace the old and worn out items like sleeping mats, mosquito nets, ceiling fans, kitchenware and cleaning utensils. The School needs funding to cover salaries and health insurance for eleven teachers and a cleaner, provision of textbooks, teaching and learning materials, uniforms and payment of utility bills. The healthcare funding will cover worming medicine for the children and first aid kit supplies.
Solution: The funding from the Consular Club will enable the FFSC to provide these children a safe, healthy and productive environment to study and get a good education in order to be integrated into mainstream schools and give them the opportunity of a better future.