Support for survivors of trafficking in Thanh Long (Chau Thanh district), Hoa Thanh district and Tay Ninh town, Tay Ninh province

Story: Tay Ninh is a province of more than one million people, in the Southeast region of Vietnam. It is located between HCMC and Phnom Penh under the Trans-Asia road. As Tay Ninh has a long border with Cambodia the province is one of Vietnam’s hotspots for the transit of trafficking.
Problem: The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is involved in this project pro bono, however, funds are needed to contribute to the developing and implementing reintegration assistance program for the survivors of trafficking.
Solution: This is a continuing project from 2014. So far 20 members of SHGs (self-help groups) have been supported: three women use the grant to support their current business and the other 17 are still reinvesting in plantation and livestock breeding. From the first instalment by the Consular Club to provide livelihood support grants to 20 survivors of trafficking, some of them even managed to put aside a part of their pay and salary on their bank account. They also encourage new victims to join a self-help group.