Shelters for HCMC Women Charity’s Association (WOCA)


Story: W.O.C.A. (The Women’s Charity Organization of Ho Chi Minh City) has 3 Social Charity Programs

  • Social Welfare program (Assist poor elderlies / build Affection houses for homeless families / build communication – bridges in remote villages / provide credit to poor women for small trade to improve their families living..)
  • Educational and Welfare program for disadvantaged children (Set up the Shelters (kids houses) for orphans and street children / support poor children’s education in the community)
  • Scholarship and Vocational program (Provide scholarship to poor students / collaborate with local Women’s Union to carry out vocational training for poor youths..)

Problem: W.O.C.A. supports 8 shelters for children in need, age range 5-18, since 1989 and is run completely by volunteers. There are separate houses for boys and for girls. Each house has on average 25 children. Children living in the shelters are from poor backgrounds and have no parents or family to support their education. The W.O.C.A. gets approached by the authorities and if there is space in one of the houses it will accommodate a new child.

The children live with each other, go to the local school and participate in activities and sport. They receive health care and dental care and help with finding their way in life. However, as the children have gotten older so have the shelters. They are desperately in need of new equipment, especially for hygiene.

Solution: The Consular Club was able to fund the construction of new toilet facilities and sewage reparation of 2 kids’ houses, provision of furniture and school equipment.

Financial support comes through the generous gifts from donors such as the Julia Kids Foundation, and the K.I.D.S. foundation, both based in the Netherlands.