Aquaponic system and air filters for Les Enfants du Dragon orphanage.


Story: “Les Enfants Du Dragon” is a French registered NGO operating in Vietnam since 2009. It launched the construction of its own orphanage located in the village of Xã Thuận Thành, Cần Giuộc, Long An Province in 2015.

Problem: The orphanage needs to look for a sustainable way to grow organic fruits and vegetables to be used for food for the children.  Rather than relying on constant donations, the orphanage would like to create both a food source and an activity for the children to participate in.  In addition, the orphanage is looking for a solution for the nursery so that the babies can have clean air to breath.

Solution: Through the generous support of the Consular Club, an aquaponic system will be installed at the orphanage, combining aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (soil-less growing of plants). This sustainable installation will offer a simple and autonomous solution to grow healthy organic vegetables. The system will be easy to manage and maintain, allowing both the staff teams and children to participate in aquaponic gardening. It will also serve as a model and source of inspiration for the nearby communities.

The Consular Club has also funded the purchase of 2 high-quality air filters to ensure a safer air environment for the residents of the orphanage and especially the children of the nursery section, the grounds and buildings being located near a high traffic road and industrial park.